• 541-70 Telehandler

541-70 Telehandler

The latest and cleanest JCB 541-70 Loadall is equipped with a potent JCB Dieselmax Stage V engine. A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is fitted to reduce exhaust emissions and comply with Stage V requirements and an auto regeneration strategy enables maximum productivity. 

Unrivalled Productivity

Class-leading JCB hydraulics produce fast cycle times, ensuring the most efficient lifting, extending and pushing.

  • A JCB Construction Loadall is extremely manoeuvrable; the compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles and 3 steer modes save valuable time on site.
  • The New Stage V DieselMAX engine produces its power and torque at low engine speeds, which makes it highly responsive to operate.
  • The latest Stage V legislation compliant 55kW (75HP) engine from JCB offers a combined DPF/ DOC after treatment package achieving Stage V emissions levels without the need for DEF injection, minimising the impact on machine service and operation.

Unrivalled Safety and Security

On-site safety is of paramount importance, so the JCB 541-70 construction loadall has a wealth of features designed to protect themselves, their operators and any bystanders.

  • Our patented load control system and sway frames allows for a safer and more stable load placement, whilst hose burst check valves protect the driver and bystanders in the event of hose failure.
  • To protect fellow workers on the job site, a new reversing camera and pulse radar options are now available on selected models.
  • The low boom profile and pivot point provide unrivalled rearward visibility to obstacles and on site traffic. A full set of side and rear-view mirrors enhance all-round visibility and safety compliance.

Machine Specifications

  • 1 Lever 2 Aux Tilt Lever Lock T4
  • Cab Tinted Glass Including Heater. T4
  • Suspension Seat: Fabric Adjustable Backrest Weight T4
  • Q-fit Carriage
  • 15.5/80-24 (400/80-24) Sitemaster 15 Outset T4f
  • Language Pack: English T4f
  • Option: 2/4 Wd Select For 81Kw (109Hp) T4
  • Hyd Pin Lock Conversion.
  • Grease Gun And Cartridge Kit
  • High Visibility Convex Front Mirror
  • Carbon Cab Air Intake Filter
  • Forks 100W 50T 1200L, Fork Pin For Q-fit
  • Rotating Beacon. Magnetic.
  • 1 Da Hyd Pin Locking For Gear Pump And Q-fit E Codes
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