• 456 Wheel Loader

456 Wheel Loader

There are many reasons to choose the JCB 456 front loader. It’s productive, efficient, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Its 8.3 litre 6-cylinder Cummins engine is Stage 2 compliant and produces 153 kW and 994 Nm.

Of course all JCB front-end loaders are designed to get the most from every drop of fuel. On the 456, there’s a load sensing hydraulic system with a variable displacement pump, and a variable speed cooling fan, all of which consume power only when required.  There’s also premium componentry, like a Cummins Engine and an all-ZF driveline.

Comfort and ease of use

Operating 456 front-end loaders is simple and efficient. Operators can choose the loader controls they prefer: multi lever, joystick, proportional auxiliaries. Return-to-dig, arm height limitation and float functions are always at hand.

Like other front loaders in our range, the 456 uses innovative load-sensing hydraulics for precise and efficient control.

This wheel loader’s geometry means that shovel corners are highly visible for excellent manoeuvrability. In fact, visibility is excellent all-round on this front loader, with a three-piece laminated front screen, heated exterior mirrors and a sloping rear bonnet design.

Power and productivity

The JCB 456 front loader’s 153 kW Cummins engine is mated to a 4-speed ZF fully automatic powershift transmission and ZF axles for stepless gear changes and smooth operation.

ZX loader geometry generates 154 kN breakout force on these front-end loaders. Besides huge breakout forces, the Z-linkage loader design means the 456 ZX is also capable of high dump angles.

For the ultimate in precise, efficient control, the JCB 456 front loader’s innovative variable displacement pumps feed a load-sensing valve block, only consuming power on demand. They can provide 326 l/min hydraulic flow for maximum multi-functioning performance.

Key features

  • Load-sensing valve block only consumes power on demand
  • Spacious, comfortable cab design with excellent visibility
  • 153 kW Cummins 8.3 litre engine
  • 4-speed ZF fully automatic powershift transmission and ZF axles
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