• 455 Wheel Loader

455 Wheel Loader

The new JCB 455 wheel loader is designed to offer power and productivity in some of the most challenging environments on earth. That means it’s been stress-tested, climate-tested and fitted with only the finest components. 

It’s also easily serviceable to maximize its working life, supremely comfortable to operate, and highly efficient on any site. So you can see that this new JCB wheeled loading shovel represents a great business decision.

A quality process

Because JCB 455 ZX wheel loaders are used all over the world, the design has been tested rigorously in climates ranging from -20°C to 50°C. By using advanced manufacturing and assembly processes, we produce only the highest precision quality components too.

The JCB Dieselmax 672 has a high capacity multistage fuel filtration system which separates water and filters fuel through four stages to remove almost all contaminant particles. This setup is designed specifically for territories where fuel quality can be variable.

Comfortably superior

Air conditioning comes as standard on a new JCB 455 ZX wheeled loading shovel, so your operators can create their perfect working temperatures to stay as comfortable, alert and productive as possible. Sliding windows provide increased ventilation and improved communication.

There’s plenty of storage behind the rear seat of this wheel loader, keeping the forward operating area uncluttered and safe. Additional storage capacity and security is provided by the lockable tool box on the right-hand step.

Productive performance

The new 455 ZX wheel loader’s state-of-the-art engine management system offers optimised performance and fuel efficiency at all times. What’s more, the JCB Dieselmax 672 engine uses our latest generation EcoMAX lean-burn combustion system for ultimate efficiency and reduced emissions.

There’s a 310-litre fuel tank as standard on the 455 ZX, along with extremely fuel-efficient matching of hydraulics, transmission and engine. This ensures maximum uptime between refuelling: good news on remote sites where diesel has to be transported in.

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