• 245XR Tracked Excavator

245XR Tracked Excavator

The latest addition to our highly acclaimed X series.

Our engineering teams have once again produced a new world-class excavator. An excavator that boasts a reduced slewing radius, without any compromise on cab space or performance. The result is another machine in the X series to be taken seriously.  

Minimum swing

The 245XR has reduced tailswing which maximises its potential to perform safely in tight and congested environments such as modern highways and housing developments.

  • The 245XR tracked excavator has a tailswing radius of 1.72m, 40% less than the 220X, allowing it to work safely against buildings and road barriers.
  • The short front swing and reduced tailswing give a working radius reduction of 1.6m, compared to the 220X.
  • It can work in a smaller area than the 220X, providing great comfort and power in a compact footprint.

Extraordinary attention to detail

The new 245XR reduced tail swing excavator utilises state-of-the-art automotive-style production facilities to bring you not just great excavators, but exceptional ones.

  • The whole design is optimised to protect the machine; side bay doors are set back from the counterweight face and the right hand platform corner sits within the slew radius to prevent damage and scratching.
  • New recessed counterweight design protects the rear end from impact damage. 
  • 1,232 validation checks are performed to replicate real-life applications.
  • Robot welding of dig end and undercarriage ensures quality and accuracy.

Extreme strength

It's taken 4 years of hydraulic, electronic and electrical development to build you a machine that doesn't just look strong, it is strong.

  • Our DIESELMAX engines are proven in 70 different machines globally.
  • Machine shaker rig testing replicated 15,000 hours of tracking and vibration.
  • 30,000 window and door operation tests prove component quality.
  • Hot and cold climate testing (55°C to -30°C) in locations around the world.
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