• JS200 Tracked Excavator

JS200 Tracked Excavator

The new JS200 is highly efficient, courtesy of JCB's advanced hydraulic system - this only uses as much power as it requires. The reinforced rails at the bottom of 'A'-frame makes this Hydraulic Excavator a lot sturdier, even in tough conditions.

It’s engineered with exceptional strength, productivity, efficiency, comfort, safety and ease of maintenance. With the JS200 , you also benefit from the advanced LiveLink telematics system that helps you in managing-service reminders, machine data backup, fuel level information, engine status and GPS tracking.

Low maintenance cost

Special filtration system extends hydraulic life by up to 5000 hrs, with the hydraulic main return filter change intervals of 1000 hrs, which reduces maintenance costs.

Turbine type pre-cleaner assembly filters the dust particles and helps in increasing life the of air filter elements and life of
the engine. 

Radial seal type air filter elements provide secure and error-free sealing.


JCB’s innovative hydraulic regeneration system recycles hydraulic oil across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.

The advanced hydraulic system also ensures excellent multifunction performance resulting in higher output levels. 

Excellent bucket and dipper tear out forces result in higher output and faster completion of work especially in hard strata. 

Maximum swing torque: 65.2 kNm.

Fuel Efficiency

JCB’s advanced hydraulic system has been designed for lower energy needs. This helps in reducing the fuel consumption by 10%, saving money for you. 

Choice of Power (P) & Economy (E) modes :

E : Economy mode - For fuel saving with optimum productivity.

P: Power mode- Increased engine power and pump flow for more productive operations when higher output is required. 

Auto idler for fuel saving during engine idling at high speeds.