We've got great deals on the 18Z-1 Excavator Trailer Package.

We've put together an awesome 18Z-1 Excavator Trailer Package that is available throughout our Nationwide Power Farming dealer network. The 18Z-1 has been designed and built to withstand the toughest of job sites, with long lasting components and easy, cost effective repairs, they provide minimum downtime and maximum profits.

Our dealerships have high quality trailer options to suit the requirements of any contractor on the move.

The combination of this state-of-the art excavator with the portability to get around to a number of different jobs in the district and beyond has never been easier to get.

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When time is money and getting from one job to the next quicker is a huge advantage, the new generation minis don’t hang about.

  • First zero tail-swing model protecting the machine and surrounding environment from damage
  • 10 tie down and 4 lifting points ensure speedy machine transportation
  • Sloping undercarriage design gives minimal soil retention and enables fast cleaning
  • No daily greasing with easy to access maintenance and cleaning means quicker turnaround times
  • Industry standard bucket centres and pin sizes provide attachment versatility
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