All gain, no pain. We pay your deposit, you pay nothing for 6 months. Selected models of excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, and more!


To find out more contact James Lundy, National Sales Manager, or contact your nearest Power Farming Dealer.


19-C Excavator
450mm/230mm/no hitch

48-Z Cab or Canopy Excavator
Rubber/JCB dual lock coupler/600mm GP bucket

90-Z Excavator
Rubber/JCB dual lock coupler/800 mm GP bucket

JS-300LC Excavator
GP bucket and quick hitch

403 Wheel Loader
With quick hitch and .5m3 GP Bucket

426-ZX Wheel Loader
2.6m3 pin on bucket

426-HT Wheel Loader
2.4m3 quick hitch and forks

455-ZX Wheel Loader
3.1m3 with teeth quick hitch

155-HD Skid Steer Loader
Cab with 4 in 1 bucket

3TS-8T Teleskid
GP bucket and forks

JS-145W Wheeled Excavator
Rear Blade. Doherty tilt coupler, 800mm GP

930 Rough Terrain Forklift
Three piece mast

940 Rough Terrain Forklift
Two piece mast

1-T High Dump Site Dumper

6-T Swivel Site Dumper

9-T Front Dumper